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    Many people are listing their blood type as well as their haplogroup and their particular mutations.I learned my blood type after I decided to donate blood to the RedCross a few years ago. I donated blood 4 times (in one year),and the 5th time I felt weak and they told me my red blood cell count was 1 point below needed at 37. It has to be at least 38 red blood cells to donate or else it wouldn't be enough blood cells to give to someone or you might not have enough blood to give. You also have to weight at least 110 lbs.and I weighed 107lbs. I'm petite 5'2, rather thin boned,and I eat mainly fruits and veggies naturally so I tend stay lean.I was also younger then.Now I weight 119 and have for several years,but I ate a lot to to get from 107 to 113lbs. so I could donate blood.I'd eat everything on the plate instead of just an apple,orange and popped corn for supper. I noticed it takes me a long time to recover from donating blood-I felt weird for months and my appetite wouldn't be normal for 3-4 months-I felt like I was recovering from surgery-after 4 times I thought,"gee I don't wanna feel strange all year til my blood returns",so I haven't donated in at least 2 years.

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    BloodTypes 2

    If you want to know about you blood type like what foods to eat or what vitamins to take just go to the yahoo search engine or any search engine and type in your individual blood type like I did;just type in Blood Type" " and list your type and sites pop up for you.One thing I found was the info. on how the Japanese believe people act like their blood type.One such site can be found at


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      What does BloodType really indicate?

      I'm kinda baffeled about blood type-I guess it's like your zodiac sign. Many people are born each month and have that sign ,but they aren't all the same race or ethnicity,necessarily .Or maybe blood type is an incidator of how your metabolism reacts to foods and the like .If ethnicity is to be added I'd like to know if my genetic matches have the same bloodtype that I have.Asians for instance have 1/3 of each blood type-I've always known this. 30% of Asians are A, 30% are B and 30% are O. Just because we all share a blood type with them does not make us all Asian.So what's the similarity? That they all have things they're more compatible with based on blood type? For instance B blood dietary guidlines say they don't metabalise chicken,pork,or shellfish,but they do metabolize lamb,mutton,Venison,beef,and Turkey,Salmon,Halibut,Trout.They need peppermint tea,and ginger,but not goldenseal or red clover herbs.They can eat brown rice ,millet,but not noodles,couscous,or wholewheat.B's need pineapples,cranberries,grapes,but not coconut,pricklypears,persimmons.And so on.....


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        Details about your Blood Type!!!!

        Here's a website that'll tell you how your blood type metabolizes food-I've found it to be true for me basically. - for type A blood. - for type B blood. - for O blood.

        There are books by Peter J. D'Adamo that tell you which supplements to eat for your blood type-the book can be found on .It's called Blood Type" " (A,O,B) Food,Beverage,and Supplement Lists/Eat Right For Your Type-it's currently $5 plus s&h .These work pretty good ,I'd say.
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          Primates have blood types/and cats..

          Gorillas have type B blood and chimpanzees have type A blood-says

          I like Baboons,I'd like to know what blood type they have.



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            You gotta know your type first..

            If you don't know your blood type get tested at :

   -for $ 6.97

   - for $ 15.31
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