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MtDNA mapping conventions

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  • Paulie
    I think that's exactly how they do it. The CRS being H falls under N, so they work backwards up the tree from through N to get to M and L3. Going down M makes it looks like it goes away.

    There is a cool picture of the tree on Wikipedia:

    For SNP fans, I'm 10394T, which is H16 (and not currently acknowledged by FTDNA).

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  • allbell
    started a topic MtDNA mapping conventions

    MtDNA mapping conventions

    I've just gotten my full sequence mtDNA results back and am figuring out what they mean.

    I understand what a SNP is, but what I find confusing when I'm looking at "phylogenetic network" trees is that the SNPs seem to go in different directions on the branches from L3 to M than from L3 to N.

    Example: most trees show a 10400T SNP on the path from L3 to M. They show 10398G on the path from L3 to N.

    This seems to imply that the network maker includes the SNP when a mutation goes AWAY from the CRS on the M branches, but includes the SNP
    when a mutation goes TOWARD the CRS (at least in the coding region) on the N branch.

    Is this correct, or is the issue here that somehow the top part of the N super haplogroup has a lot of the same SNPs such as the M super haplogroup, such as 9540C and 10873C?

    Thanks for your help.

    Also, for SNP fans, here's a privacy-condensed version of my sequence:

    HVII: 73G 263G 315.1C 489C
    Coding Region: 750G 1438G 2361A 2706G 4769G 7028T 8701G 8860G 9540C 10398G 10400T 10873C 11719A 12705T 14766T 14783C
    15043A 15301A 15326G
    HVI: 16111T 16223T 16235G 16362C 16519C

    plus 6 more SNPs available to FTDNA customers who share my HVI type and contact me through their match page.