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  • ZAMBRANO surname project created

    I would like to announce the creation of the ZAMBRANO DNA Project at

    The project goals are to determine the ancient origins and possible genetic relationships of all participants who are male ZAMBRANO descendants. The surname ZAMBRANO originated in the Basque Country of Spain. According to the 18th century Spanish historian Francisco Zazo y Rosillo it originated in “el valle de Zambraos, anteiglesia de Santa María de Zambraos”. This is the present day municipal district or town of Zambrana in the province of Alava (Araba). The ZAMBRAOS spelling evolved into ZAMBRANO and is also documented as ZAMBRANA in the eleventh century. In documents from the 1500s the name was sometimes written in old Spanish as “Canbrano” with the “C” having a “cedilla” to represent an “S” sound. The written “C” with a cedilla later became a “Z”. Other variations include Cembrano and Cembranos. Branches of the family spread to Andalucía, the Canary Islands, and the Americas. The ZAMBRANO surname has been in Mexico since the 1500s and is also common in South America and the United States.

    Membership is not limited to any particular country. Due to various surname practices common in Hispanic and Latin American cultures it is possible for a direct male descendant not to carry the surname. Hopefully, these surname projects will grow to shed some light onto their genetic genealogies.

    Robert Tarín
    Group administrator