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  • TARIN surname project created

    I would like to announce the creation of the TARIN DNA Project at

    The project goals are to determine the ancient origins and possible genetic relationships of all participants who are male TARIN descendants. The TARIN surname appears in Spain as far back as the twelfth century in Aragón. There was a medieval coin called TARIN (also spelled TARI) that was minted in Sicily and purchased in quantity by the crown of Spain during its rule of Sicily in the 1600s. One source has the TARI coin minted in Sicily in the eleventh century. Spanish sources for the etymology of the name link it to Sicily and the silver coin called dirham (pl. darahim) minted by the Arabs. Various darahim coinage was in use in Iberia, especially Andalucía as early as the 4th century. As a surname, TARIN may have originated as an occupational name in Spain. Regarding the genealogical spread of the surname from Spain, it is primarily found in Mexico with persons named TARI during the 1600s and TARIN from the beginning of the 1700s to present day. From Mexico it has expanded into the United States mostly since the 1800s.

    Membership is not limited to any particular country. Due to various surname practices common in Hispanic and Latin American cultures it is possible for a direct male descendant not to carry the surname. Hopefully, these surname projects will grow to shed some light onto their genetic genealogies.

    Robert Tarín
    Group administrator

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    Good luck, Robert. With your experience in genetic genealogy and deserved reputation for helping others with a lesser understanding, this project surely will succeed.


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      Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. Creating a DNA project for my surname is something that's been needed. Over the past two years I have only scratched the surface of my genetic genealogy, but it is starting to unravel the tangled pile of paper trail documentation and helping to confirm who is who. Genetically I do not match my surname lineage because of events in Texas history that occurred five generations ago. That doesn't really matter as I will continue the research into both my "surname" ancestry as well as my genetic ancestry. I wish we would have had these DNA tools and the internet thirty years ago when I started my research.