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  • Still looking for interview subjects

    I am looking for someone who, after hearing family stories or theories of ancestry, has used a Y-chromosome or mitochondrial test paired with a DNA Print test and found the story to be true.

    I would like to interview for an article for a national magazine, so the interview subject must be willing to share the family story and his/her origin percentages. No specific DNA marker information will be needed or revealed - only percentages.

    Please email me at [email protected] before October 17th if interested. Thank you in advance.

    Rosemarie Colombraro

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    My name is Joe McCulloch. I would be willing to submit to an interview. I have had mtdna, ftdna, and DNA print test. The DNA print did disagree with my family history in that I was listed as 12% East Asian, and family history states Native American. Please feel free to contact me if this information would be helpful to you.
    Thank you for your time.
    Joe McCulloch Waco,TX.
    [email protected]