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  • What is H*?

    I recently did a mtDNA test and so far have one match to my HVR 1 sequence and none to HVR2. ftDNA informs me that my haplogroup is H*, but I don't see this one listed under the information for haplogroup H. Does anyone have more info on H*? My background is Ashkenazic Jewish.

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    the star usually means that you belong to the haplogroup (H in this case), but you do not belong to the subgroups of H that FTDNA has tested. I don't know what FTDNA usually tests. Presumably, they may have tested you for some subgroups and found you negative for them. May be if you ask they will tell you. Or may be not - may be they want you to purchase the deep clade test if you want to know more.

    Note that in general you cannot find out which subgroup of H you belong to with HVR1 (or even HVR2) data alone. You have to test specific mutations outside HVR. FTDNA has such a test, but they don't test all possible subgroups that have been found in the literature. In particular, I know that a very recent paper has analyzed haplogroup H in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East and found new subgroups of H, which are currently not tested by FTDNA even in their deep clade test. As an Ashkenazi, these may obviously be more likely candidates than the standard European H1-H3 etc.

    If you post your mutations here, or if they are on mitosearch, may be somebody else can tell you more - there are contributors to this forum (eg vraatyah) who may be able to tell you more.