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Adjustment to the final four markers?!?

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  • Adjustment to the final four markers?!?

    i recently got my y dna tests (25 markers) and matched with someone very closely. we differ by one allele on the following four makers: 464a, 464b, 464c, and 464d.

    in talking with my "match," i learned that the participant had to "adjust" her values by 1 on each of the markers.

    do i also need to do this adjustment to my results, which i just got from the lab 2 days ago?

    thank you.

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    Re: Adjustment to the final four markers?!?

    ah, ok... never mind, folks. here are the details. glad i could answer my own question!

    As of the 19 May 2003, Family Tree DNA are now reporting the DYS464 markers (which includes DYS464a, DYS464b, DYS464c, and DYS464d) in line with standard scientific nomenclature. All values have been reduced by 1. Thus a value of 15 now becomes 14.

    Customers who receive results after this date are unaffected.