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    I am very interested in pursuing a DNA test in order to confirm or disprove a connection with a family back about 7-8 generations. I have been unable to locate descendants who can unequivocally prove their descendancy from the progenitor that I believe our family is descended from. However, I have located one male whose descendancy is assured from a brother of the progenitor I am hoping to find a connection to. In other words, there were brothers A and B (7-8 generations back). I believe our family is descended from A. I have found a male descendant of B who would be willing to test with a male of our family. Would the results of such a test prove or disprove the connection with A?


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    If there is an exact match, it would support the hypothesis that A and B are both descended from a common ancestor, (their father most likely) and that the descendant of B is a distant cousin of yours. If you do a 25 marker test and you match exactly, there is a 50% probability of a common ancestor back 7 generations, and you probably know from other sources who that is. That is why you need more than just DNA.