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Is 16129A sub haplogroup H8?

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  • Is 16129A sub haplogroup H8?

    I recently received my Genographic results which put me in mtDNA Haplogroup H, with my HVR1 sequence as 16129A and 16519C.

    I understand that 16519C is widespread in Europe, but that 16129A has Near East origins and is uncommon in Europe.

    As far back as anyone knows my ancestors are from Spain (some Portugal).

    Does anyone know:
    1) If 16129A puts you in H8, or in H6?
    2) What the combination of 16129A and 16519C might mean? They seem quite different.

    Thanks for any help!!!

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    I am not an expert on haplogroup H. I quickly browsed a basic paper by Loogvali et al. on haplogroup H in Europe:

    It is not true that 16129A has near Eastern origins. It is considered by the authors a mutational hotspot, meaning that it varies often, and thus can be found, independently, in many subgroups. For instance, the authors document it at least in H1, H2, H8 and H*, but presumably it happens in others as well.

    The mutations defining the subgroups of haplogroup H are not found in HVR1 or HVR2, so one cannot say to which subhaplogroup you belong from your HVR1 alone. You need to take a full mtdna test or a H subgroup test to find that information.

    However, according to the paper, H6 and H8 are mostly Eastern, and typically have 16362, which you do not have, so they are unlikely candidates. The most common subhaplogroup in Iberia is, by far, H1, to which half of all Iberian H sequences belong. So that could be the best guess. But, again, only a deep test can tell.