I am curious if anyone has had any experience in exhumation of corpses and to the legal processes involved( my person is buried in a historical cemetery).

I am also curious if someone who has been buried for 400 years could produce a quality Y Dna sample and who would handle this type of sample? FTDNA?

For example,I noticed on Mr. Athey's website that he has tried to reconstruct his immigrant ancestor's marker values which seems to be based on probabilities. What if the IA (Imm. Ancestor) was NOT an Athey, then the results are not applicable to the surname. I see this as a problem when comparing each other's results, particularly when assumptions are taken for truth rather than face value. In most cases paper trails will be solvency enough, but in the case of my lineage, there are NO paper trails pre-America. In fact, there is no record of the IA arriving to America on any of the Ship Rolls, and no place of birth listed on any of his records, nor, the name of a wife.

The surname is in question as to whether or not it is of an aristocratic lineage. I am of the belief that an exhumation of the IA would at least set the table. And for selfish reasons, I need to prove or disprove relationship.