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How do I research using only DNA

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  • How do I research using only DNA

    If you read my other post entitled "Is he my grandfather" thread, youll know my situation. Now that I have confirmed that my grandfather is indeed not my biological GF, I want to find out who is. My grandmother, while grandpa was off to war, had a fling that resulted in my half-aunt. No one ever knew about that until 50 years later. Now it turns out that my GM had two flings! My question is, since I have absolutely no way of tracing who the unknown grandpa is through records, Im going to have to use DNA to perhaps figure it out. How do I do that? The great thing is, I have my only 1st cousin on my dads sides DNA and I have my half- sisters (same dad) DNA as well. Using my cousin and my DNA matches and then my sisters matches, I can eliminate my grandmothers direct line matches and see which ones are on the unknown grandfathers line because the 1st cousin wont be related to him. Is there a way I can find my true grandfather using the existing DNA pool thats available?

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    Reminds me of a line that I was trying to trace back to the origin one time. The person who the kit belonged to knew nothing past his father and talk about genealogy was taboo in his family. Turns out that the should have been grandfather was off during WWII and his younger brother had been having an affair with the wife of his older brother.

    Regarding DNA, yes, you can solve the problem, but you have to get lucky (but you can make that luck). You are more likely to solve the problem with a 3rd - 5th cousin rather than half-brother or first or second cousin, just because the pool of testers who can solve the problem will be larger. I am a big believer in short segment matching. To see how big of a believer I am, please take a look at my blog post:

    The Misunderstood Short Segment Match – Genetic Genealogy Out of the Mainstream

    If you are on, I would run your kit in the one-to-many uttility using the smallest parameters which will allow (probably 3.0 cM minimum segment size and 100 SNPs). See if you recognize any names, and also working from the best match down, look at the family trees for any match who has one. You are looking for lines which cross a line of yours in the space-time continuum. Any that you find are worthy of a closer look.

    Good luck! I think you can do it.