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  • Basic DNA inheritance question

    Would a female be able to find her fathers family via autosomal dna. A friend is looking for evidence that her father was who she assumes he was (he died when she was young) by looking for matches to his family line and getting no close matches. I'm thinking, of course, but?
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    Autosomal testing is the only way for a female to match people related to her father's family, unless she has a male relative with the same father who would test. She might need to do testing at other companies, or transfer to MyHeritage, which is the only one that will accept a transfer from FTDNA. You never know where a relative has tested, so she'd need to fish in all ponds, as they say.


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      Autosomal DNA is the way to determine parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

      Anyone looking for autosomal DNA matches has to test at Ancestry and 23andMe and do free transfers of the raw Ancestry DNA to FTDNA, MyHeritage and GEDmatch.

      Finding matches depends on family structure (how many siblings at each generation) and who is still alive and who has actually tested. You also will have to contact most matches to get their family tree or learn how to figure out matches family trees.

      When looking for a father it is very useful to know the full family tree of the mother so that matches can be properly assigned maternal or paternal.

      And what about birth certificate or baptism record or similar childhood records?
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        To find a father's side, test the mother. Most sites will phase to mother's side and father's side. At FTDNA, you can use close maternal relatives for the same purpose of automatic phasing. At other sites, you would have to manually phase via close maternal relatives.

        At GEDmatch, you can actually create a phased Paternal file if you can use your mother's test. I created a phased paternal kit from my mother's DNA and its been very helpful.

        Don't forget that literally 50% of a female's XDNA came from her father (actually paternal grandmother). The problem is that XDNA is rather quirky so its challenging.