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Ordering a Kit for someone in Israel

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  • Ordering a Kit for someone in Israel

    Does one just order the Kit normally, or?

    What do they need to do to send it back?

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    It is illegal to take a DNA test in Israel without a court order. It is probably due to the disastrous consequences of a discovery of illegitimacy. When the test came in an anonymous package there was no problem. Now that Family Tree DNA is emblazoned on the product, at the very least the tax authorities will tax the kit according to the cost of the test, rather than the materials inside. (They did so with my Geno 2 test, the reason for which I did not understand at the time). This situation has led My Heritage to block computers in Israel even from viewing DNA test results tested elsewhere, from an exaggerated fear of legal repercussions, and certainly from ordering tests in Israel. The most advisable way to send a kit to Israel is to order it to an address not in Israel, strip it of its identification and send it on to Israel in a plain wrapper. It is probably safe enough for the recipient to send it back from Israel. Nobody will notice if it is addressed merely 'FTDNA etc.'


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      (That was all I wanted to say, but got error message "Please enter a message with at least 10 characters")