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Difference in Pedigree Collapse & Endogamy - Roberta Estes

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  • Difference in Pedigree Collapse & Endogamy - Roberta Estes

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    Great article: I have pedigree collapse somewhere in my tree, where I don’t know, but there are matches I share enough DNA with in order to match them but my parents don’t match them, because the DNA they inherited was too little but, combined in me, it’s enough to register. Very odd, and I have matches in common with both parents, too.


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      I think I have both.. endogamous and pedigree collapse LOL

      My mother was french acadian, but very dynamical.(she actually has a royal trail) My oldest grandpa maternal is the first governor (1600s)
      I was experimenting with chromosome analysis for just the top 4 of 27 people with the native 1% gene and cM diluted today (out of 3990 matches) as we are all the same distance from that one and done relation.
      I wanted to see where t was in us. sure enough, we are all nearly exact. same locations and distance...tiny little values that lasted 400 years.

      lo and behold, I found an entire chromosome filled in with no irish paternal grandpa.
      it was paternal grandma and her father. and my mothers relatives.

      anyway, twist in the tale, the acadian in my family is no serious endogamy in the last 300 years...and my irish grandpa came from distant cousins who married (that would be around early 1900s)

      in my family tree, the irish had the serious endogamy and pedigree collapse..
      the native gene and acadian were the dynamical wonders that saved our lives.
      several 100% parents to speak of
      dads mom was south italy- 100%
      dads father irish 100% (he had actual dysfunctions grandma spoke of.. weird bone problems in feet)
      mom 100% french... but her dads surname was irish, landed in new york in 1800s.- given percentages, we call him french due to the math

      all mixed up.
      less than half irish today..and none of our siblings line up to the paternal traits.
      we do use the Y path to identify our name
      it is sad.

      love staying open about all this, I know of people extinct. (my irish paternal is very dead as they once knew it)

      long story short..
      In just 2 generations, any of those long running errors are gone.
      I have 9 nieces and nephews.. 3 siblings.
      each generation before us is an alien. although italian french is our minds..we communicate better there at getting together.
      we had a nearly dead iriish guy to endogamy.. 1500+ years of an island.
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        I have pedigree collapse in my tree too. However, I didn't pay so much attention like you did.