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    I got my results for Ancestry and I’ve uploaded them to several sites but my largest matches are on that site 1368 cM across 26 segments then they drop for her sister and a the others she doesn’t know. GEDmatch and the rest areall two digits matches.
    I don’t understand what it means or how I’m supposed to find out who my father is from this information it confuses me. Any help from somebody how can dumb it down futher?

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    DNA Painter | Shared cM Project 4.0 tool v4 with relationship probabilities suggest a 1368 match is a Grandparent, Aunt / Uncle, Half Sibling, Niece / Nephew, Grandchild. You'll have to work with that person to determine the true relationship. Once you have that information you can look at shared matches to help identify others.

    I'm don't know what you mean by 'two digits matches'.


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      I would start by not contacting the 1368 match. That is a very high match you are extremely lucky to have scored that. I suggest you screenshot everything you can about that match, the family tree (if they have one posted) as well as your shared matches. This can be important later. Many people get spooked when they find out an adoptee is out there. They ghost you, go offline, go private etc. Accordingly, the thing to do is collect as much information as you can and then reach out very tentatively. You do not need to blurt out you are adopted in the first message (I learned this the hard way). Does the person have a facebook page, see if you can find it, if you can you may be able to discern things like their age etc that way. Depending on their age you can rule out their being a grandparent or aunt or uncle. It would not be uncommon for this person to be a half sibling, for instance same father different mother.....Be aware that you do not know what the father's situation is whether he "stepped" out of his marriage when you were conceived, whether he has any idea you exist, etc etc. so go slow and put your information together. This match is a close relative. Build a family tree for them (keep it private so the world does not know what theories you are developing). My 2 cents.


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        Very good advice, ianJF!


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          Mickey308 do you have any updates? I agree with ianJF- much can be figured out on a very close match without contacting them. Close matches can be very skittish.