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What means bolded surnames in FF?

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  • What means bolded surnames in FF?

    Iam writing finnish guide to Family Finder matches. The matchlist has surnames of match, if he or she has put them. But what means exactly if surname is bolded? I have thought that dna connections goes throught that surname. Is it true? Where can I get more information? Has bolded surname other knowledge? I didn't find any information from FTDNA's Learning Center.

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    I think that sometimes they bold surnames that are in your list, because I have the name " Lee " in mine and they freak out every time somebody has " Parmalee " thinking it's the same thing, which seems annoying but as many matches with " Parmalee " as I have, at this point I'm ready for one to show up in my tree any day now.


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      It's not easy to find, but FTDNA does give a reason for bolded surnames, in the Learning Center page "Family Finder - Matches." I found it by searching for "Bold Surnames" and looking at the resulting pages. On the "Family Finder - Matches" page, it says this, in the "Matches Section," as the last bullet under "Character Card":
      • Ancestral Surnames – Displays the ancestral surnames that your match has added on their account. When you and your match have a common ancestral surname listed, the surname is displayed in bold.
      This agrees with what Rhonda Hatton posted: there will be both legitimate full surname matches, and those that match only because of being within other surnames' spelling. Both will be in bold text.