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  • Project Contacts?

    I was doing a general surname search on google and stumbled across a project group on this site by accident. "Shipwreck Bills" I was amazed to realize my father is a direct descendant of the subject person described in the project. I would love to get more info from the creator and or members of the project to show my father and his brothers hoping I could get one or more of them to participate. But I can't figure out how to contact the group.
    I have no genealogy experience myself but I am intrigued by this mystery.

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    If you go to FamilyTreeDNA - DNA Kit Orders there is a link to email the project admin, but it appears to be blank.

    At the top of this page there is a link for contacting Customer Support. You might try asking them for help. As a result of all of the privacy issues over the last few years some admins have dropped their projects.

    If you go to Shipwreck Bills - Overview | FamilyTreeDNA there is a link for joining the project, but I assume you'll need to have a DNA kit with FTDNA.