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Many greek matches- or is this a bug?

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  • Many greek matches- or is this a bug?

    I have already posted my question, but I cannot find it anymore.
    My mother got these origins in FT DNA My origins:

    57% west slavic
    22% central europe
    6% ireland
    15% baltic.
    I compared her origins with the origins of her matches and I am quite astonished that largely more than half of her matches have greek origins.
    This goes from traces to nearly 100%, as for example this match:
    96% greek
    3% italian
    1% yeminite jewish.

    An other match with a greek family name:
    2% greek
    29 italian
    69% middle east
    1% yemenite jewish.

    Why so many greek matches? My mother has no south origins at all.

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    You listed your mother's myOrigins results, but do they align with her known ancestry? If not, what is her known ancestry, besides "no south origins at all?" Does she have any ancestors for which she is unsure of their place of origin, or have unknown parentage? Are any of the Greek matches close, such as 2nd cousin - 4th cousin? What is the amount of Shared cM and Longest Block she shares with the closest Greek match?

    If your mother has so many matches who show recent Greek ancestry, they should be more reliable an indicator of her ancestry than her myOrigins results (or theirs). But don't just use their myOrigins results to judge if they have Greek ancestry. Check their profiles, surnames, locations, and trees to verify that they really do have Greek ancestry.

    The people in your match list are there based on the actual matching DNA segments they share with you, which show real relationships (even if many are unknown, distant, and hard to figure out). They are not in your match list based on any ethnicity estimate. Any of these estimates can change when the companies refine their reference populations and algorithms, and are only most reliable at the continental level. And here's another link from the same blogger about FTDNA's recent update to myOrigins 3.0.


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      Thank you for your comments! In fact, one of her grand-grandfathers has an unknown father. Grand-grandgrandmother, she came from Zandowitz, told the family that he was a jew and could not marry her, but may be she lied and the father was someone who came from the balkans or greece to work in the mines. One of the closest matches, a 3rd -5th cousin has 9% greek , she shares 50 cm with him. He is south-polish. All the others are 5th cousins. So, I will check the matches if they really have greek roots.


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        Finally I found a match with "greek" origins in FT DNA My Origins in Gedmatch. I match with 4 family members in FT DNA. This match has 30% Tuscan/Itali in Eurogenes K13 and the family originates from Slovenia. So I think now the algos cannot handle these distinctions.


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          Yes, you've got it. The estimates can be imperfect, and still need improvements. But, they are a money maker for the companies, that's for sure!


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            The funny thing is that with her quite nordic profile, she matches in Gedmatch a 100% Iraki over 8,3 cM and 860 SNPs with mostly half matches and partly full matches. I guess that this is nonspecific, but remains still funny.