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    My sister, nephew and I have all taken tests and we all have matches from both sides of our family. Our nephew obviously has matches from his mother's side but he does have them from both sides of my parents, so we know all 3 of us have come from the same parents and paternal grandparents. What is puzzling me is the number of 4th cousins and above matches we have, I have 168, my sister has 284 and my nephew has 320. Is it possible that my test has been corrupted in some way as I seem to have so few, or is this a normal occurrence? I don't want to waste money on another test if this is normal.

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    It looks normal. While you share some dna with your sister and nephew, your dna is different than their's.

    You can also transfer your Family Finder data from FTDNA to MyHeritage:


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      Thanks for the reply. I won't bother with another test in that case. We all tested with Ancestry and I have put both mine and my sisters raw dna onto Gedmatch and My Heritage but have not yet identified any matches other than those on Ancestry with the same kit name. I think it might be useful to loosely group those kits with the same matching chromosome numbers as a clue to which family line the matches are once I have identified a couple of them.

      All three of us have a very strong links with an unknown family which means one of my researched lines is not a genetic family line so it is quite important to me to eliminate lines as I identify matches so I am left with one that has no matches at all. Still got quite a few to find though.

      Thanks again for telling me 'I'm normal'.