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    I’m new to dna testing and know practically nothing about it.
    A few months ago I decided to get a ydna test by FTDNA through The Chandler Family Association. I received my results with one match that belonged to a different name. As I understand matches only appear if another person shares you dna, not your name. SURPRISE!!

    There are six Chandlers that have had ydna tests done but only different name comes up and I can’t see who the six Chandlers are.

    My question is, is my ydna matched only with the Chandler Family Association database or FTDNA database?

    I had my dna tested through, which doesn’t do ydna testing.I received my results with matches only on my mother’s side. Nothing from my dad’s side even though my parents both had a dna test done a few years ago. Last month my dad and only brother died eleven days apart.

    I find myself at a crossroad, let sleeping dogs lie or take the next step but what is that next step?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    First, my condolences for the loss of your father and brother. After such a loss, I hope you are doing all right.

    I see from your profile that you tested to the Y-37 level. Your Y-DNA would be matched to all men who took a Y-DNA test at FTDNA, not just to those in the Chandler Family Association. You may want to join a haplogroup project, one that includes the predicted haplogroup given by your Y-DNA test. That way, once you are accepted into the project and the administrators have had time to sort you into whatever subgroups the project has, you will be able to see who you are grouped with in that project, and perhaps see if a number of men with the surname Chandler or other surnames are grouped with you.

    Is the only match you have at the Y-37 level, and if so, what was the "genetic difference?" Does he show that he tested to a higher level, such as Y-67 or Y-111? You will see which tests a match has taken just below his name in your match list (examples: Y-DNA111, "FF" for Family Finder, Big Y, perhaps an mtDNA test). Do you have matches at the Y-12 or Y-25 level?

    Both your parents tested at Ancestry, as well as you. What do you know of your father's family history, specifically for his direct paternal line (his father's father's father, etc.)? Perhaps there aren't many in his family who have done any type of DNA testing, or maybe there was an adoption or other circumstance along the line which would throw off the surname handed down.

    You could download your raw data file from Ancestry, and upload it to FTDNA to see what autosomal matches you get here (you could also transfer your parents' files, too). There is a fee to unlock most of the tools, however. The situation is the same at MyHeritage, which is another company to which you might consider transferring your and/or your parents' files. There is also, which is a site that accepts files from many of the direct to consumer (DTC) genetic genealogy testing companies, so you would see matches who have transferred to there from Ancestry, MyHeritage, FTDNA, 23andMe, and a couple of others I believe. Registration is free, along with matching to others, and some of the tools (including admixture); there is a "Tier One" which provides other tools for a fee. Read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies at any site before deciding whether to upload to it or not.

    Good websites to learn about DNA and DNA testing are:


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      Thank you for your kind words and condolences, I’m handling it better than I expected under the circumstances.

      There is only one match from FTDNA, his surname is Howell. His test was Y-DNA37 FF genetic distance 1. Mr. Howell’s results at the Y12 and 25 levels are the same at Y-DNA37. He did not take a mtDNA test.
      After speaking to my mother she tells me she can’t find dad’s DNA test results however she just moved to be closer to my sister so I’ll have to wait. My sister knows about this and is doing hat she can to locate both of their results.

      Last year mom gave my a Chandler Family Tree compiled by a distant cousin, it goes back to a John Chandler that came over from England b. about 1599 or 1600. I became disabled two years ago and with time on my hands I decided to do a Y-DNA test.

      Thank you for your generosity of time and information, it will take some time to go through it all and I will take your advice and join a haplogroup project and download my raw data from Ancestry to see what that yields.


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        Yes, please take your time and mull it all over. I tend to (I'm sure some would say "always"!) put too much into these posts, and I don't mean to overwhelm you with information. I also didn't mean to distract you by mentioning the mtDNA test, but gave it just as an example of what other testing a match may have done.

        For transferring, see if your sister or mother can find the log in information for Ancestry for your parent's accounts, which you would need to transfer their raw data files to FTDNA or elsewhere (with your mother's permission). I only have one account at Ancestry, but I know in the past people were able to manage at least one other account with one login. I think now each account needs a separate email account, so you'll have to see how your parents' accounts were handled.

        Then, just follow the Ancestry Step by Step Guide: How to Upload-Download DNA Files for downloading the data files from Ancestry, then the Family Tree DNA Step by Step Guide: How to Upload-Download DNA Files for uploading them to FTDNA. I think both sets of instructions are still accurate. For your own Ancestry file, take note of this part of the upload instructions for FTDNA:
        Complete the form. If you already have tested Y or mitochondrial DNA at Family Tree DNA, select “Already have a Family Tree DNA account,” so that your uploaded test can be integrated with your existing account.
        Note that on the FTDNA transfer page, it states
        After transferring, you can unlock all Family Finder features, which include the Chromosome Browser, myOrigins, and ancientOrigins for only $19.
        I just wanted to point out that there is the $19 fee to be able to use the tools listed, beyond the Family Finder Matrix tool, and seeing your list of matches.

        Good luck, and let us know how it goes.


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          I’m not overwhelmed at all in fact the information you’ve provided will most likely keep me from making needless posts. Thank you