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  • 0/37 Y-DNA match questions


    I submitted my DNA for my 37 marker Y-DNA test to Family Tree something like 13 years ago, and a while back finally got a 37/37 exact match with another person. Been really busy but finally got around to researching the fellow who was generous enough to make his family tree available which was great. I have read some about the Y-DNA testing, and it seems to be a little above my pay grade, but would like to confirm if my thinking is correct.

    So my questions are if anyone would be so kind as to shine some light on the subject :

    First the Family Tree Y-DNA test I took - is it STRICTLY a Y-DNA match or does Family Tree derive Y-DNA matches from an autosomal DNA test, or is this even possible? (Sorry to be so ignorant) I was under the impression I submitted for Y-DNA only years back.

    If it is indeed a strictly Y-DNA 37/37 match I have, does it POSITIVELY mean without a doubt this person and I share a paternal common ancestor?

    The Ancestry web site chart I believe said this would indicate a 5 generation back match but the FT web site says 8 plus or minus, so which is more likely correct?

    I did some research and found what I believe to be the connection between us which was very interesting to say the least!

    Thanks you so much for your time!

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    Y-DNA matching only compares Y-DNA. If your match has also used Family Finder it would be very helpful for you to add Family Finder to your kit. The exact match at 37 markers is not proof of a common ancestor, but it is a good indication of a common ancestor. If the match has tested beyond 37 markers you could upgrade. My net step would be to order Family Finder and try to get your match to do so also if he doesn't already have it. Family Finder will give an estimated degree of kin ship.


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      Aright, think I'll do that,thanks for your reply!