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One test kit - use for son or daughter?

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  • One test kit - use for son or daughter?

    i have one test kit, and my kids wouldn't care which of them gets tested. Who's more preferable to test for a more meaningful result - a XX, or XY?

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    Do you have a particular goal for testing one of your children? Perhaps you wish to know more about their mother's side (assuming they have the same mother)?

    Testing your child is not generally helpful for genealogy, unless you are trying to find out more about their mother's ancestry, and their mother either won't test, or is not available to test. If that is your goal, testing either will do, since they both received half of their DNA from from their mother. Testing your son would mean that any meaningful* matches on his X chromosome came from his mother's side, since he only has one X chromosome. By testing your daughter, some matches on the X will be from your side, others from her mother's side.

    If your goal is to find out more about your childrens' mother's ancestry, you might be better off testing a sibling of their mother, if she has one, and he or she is willing to test.

    *X chromosome matching segments need to be 15 cM or greater in size to be considered useful (about twice as much as you would consider useful on chromosomes 1-22, which should be at least 7 cM). At FTDNA, matches shown as "X-match" may share much less, even down to 1 cM, so you will need to view them in the Chromosome Browser and look at the segment details to see how big the segment or segments shared on the X actually are.
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      It depends on you which one of your children you want for to get the DNA test. Home DNA Paternity Test Kit helps you to determine the biological father of the intended child. The Home DNA Test kit contains mouth swabs to collect swab samples painlessly from the intended father and the child.