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    I dont understand DNA so I was just wondering if anyone could help. In the past while tracing my family tree I linked to a woman and her uncle via my Autosormal DNA test she and her Uncle where born and live in Australia she got her Uncles YDNA done to try and trace her 2nd GG father who was John Gregory c.1820 from Liverpool.

    Now I have a 3rd GG parents called John Potter c.1796 & Elizabeth Gregory c.1799 Liverpool

    This is the line we thought we linked on. Elizabeth Gregory

    I have recently found that the son of John Potter & Elizabeth Gregory was the result of transportation to Van Diemen's Land Tasmania Australia - John Potter who was also c.1820 Liverpool

    So I was thinking if I link to her Uncle who has only had a YDNA done then doesn't that mean we should link on the male side so this would mean we would not link via Elizabeth Gregory.

    Is my John Potter c.1820 there John Gregory c.1820 and is it possible he has changed his name?

    Could I prove this if my Halo Group is the same as her Uncles or does it not work like that.

    Any help would be of great use.

    Kind Regards

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    Step 1, convince folks to upgrade her uncle, adding FamilyFinder. There will probably be a Fathers Day Sale. Definitely do as upgrade from existing kit. Should be able to do with existing sample, probably.

    Also, how about giving us a little info on what level match FTDNA is reporting? Relationship range, cM shared, longest segment.