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Converting raw data file to Ancestry format

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  • Converting raw data file to Ancestry format

    I have a raw dna data file from an outside dna testing company that needs to be converted to an format. I was told by the company they only provide data in a format acceptable by gedmatch. Of course, I'd like to have access to ethnicity estimates, etc. A friend who is a programmer put the file in the Ancestry format, however, when I uploaded it to MyHeritage it is not accepted due to format. My friend said he needs feedback on what's missing in the data lineup, which MH does not provide. Anyone who could help further with this, please respond. Thank you.

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    How well does your friend understand raw DNA formats and builds 36 and 37?

    You could have header problems, RSID problems and/or build problems.

    Here are two articles about comparing raw DNA files:

    Comparing Raw Data from 5 DNA Testing Companies - Fri, 31 Aug 2018

    Raw Data Comparison: FamilyTreeDNA vs MyHeritage DNA - Tue, 28 Mar 2017

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      Thanks so much for your response! I'll pass it on to my friend. Fingers crossed! Regarding a new DNA test, the person who's dna file I have is no longer with us.


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        Hello again! My programmer friend had already read those two docs you sent. I should have recognized them since I sent them to him. Still, I thought it would be helpful for him to see your programming comments - thank you, again! In response, he thinks we are missing the sort order of RSID values. Does that make sense to you and does it give you any clue to what's could be fixed and how?


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          Sorry that your DNA test person is no longer with us.

          Let me state that I am not an expert on raw DNA files.

          I did a new download of my Ancestry raw DNA file. Viewing the text file I see that the ordering is first by chromosome number and next by rsid position in that chromosome.

          Which DNA testing chip did the outside DNA testing company use? Did it have the same number of SNPs tested as one of the Ancestry DNA testing chips?


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            Thank you, jimbirk for your questions. I've submitting them and am awaiting a response. I'll let you know.