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Trying to find great-great grandpa's parents!

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  • Trying to find great-great grandpa's parents!

    I have a brick-wall ancestor I've been trying to have a breakthrough with for a while now.

    His name was William Manning Hall and he was my great-great grandpa. He was born March 19, 1872 in Illinois and died March 16, 1928 in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. He was married to Mabel Greenwood (1885-1959).

    I've never been able to locate him in Illinois on a census. I can't locate his death record and his marriage license doesn't list parents. The only documentation I can find that alludes to his parents is a birth record from Chicago, Illinois of a male baby born March 19, 1872 to a Z.M. Hall. Mysteriously, the mother is left off the record entirely - can't make heads or tails of that one.

    I've looked all over for a Z.M. Hall in records - I have my suspicions his father may be a Zebulon Montgomery Hall (1822-1894) who lived in Chicago at the time of his birth but his wife would not have been William's mother since their daughter was born three months after William. I've attempted to find DNA matches for this family but the only two supposed 4th cousins I found may not match me - yet the family favors mine in photos.

    Does anyone have suggestions for who this Z.M. Hall could be? Or why his mother was not listed on the birth record?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    You could try finding a direct male descendant of Zebulon Montgomery Hall or at least one from that same Hall line and then find a willing direct male participant of your William Manning Hall. Do a Y-DNA test and a match on that test would give you proof that your Hall line and Zebulon M. Hall's line are related. Aside from that of course do autosomal DNA testing on your oldest living relatives from William at all the DNA companies that you can, you never know where or when a significant DNA match will come along.


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      Thank you for the advice! I was able to find some descendants of Zebulon and...they aren't a match. They're all great-great grandchildren of him so they should match me but do not. Evidently, he's not the father. Now it's just a guess of figuring out WHO lol.

      Thanks so much for your help!