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    I have noticed that some members say they have a batch number and expected date for results. I have not had emails (none in spam) to advise any of this information, so I would be grateful for information on where to look to find this out. My Y111 kit shows on my desktop as received 30 March and is currently at the analysing stage, I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction on this.

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    Log in to your account, hover over your name, and select "Order History" from the list. The batch numbers are listed in the right column. Expected results are found at a link with wording similar to "awaiting results" or "pending results" at the top of the Order History page (I don't have any kits with pending results to check this right now). Clicking on that link takes you to a page which shows the expected range of dates for a pending test, as well as the batch number.

    I'm not sure if the other information is current on the Pending Results page in the FTDNA Learning Center, but the last image shows what you should see on the "Awaiting Results" page.
    mtDNA: K1a3 / YDNA: R-FGC46379
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      Ah yes - I have found my batch number and expected date of results, no doubt once they come in I will have many more questions, but thank you for your help so far.