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  • One Database or different

    When you do a dna test., is matching page results from one common database .... or each company has its own database?

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    All the major DNA testing companies for genetic genealogy (including FTDNA, 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, and others) have their own databases, and do not share with the others.

    The only way to see matches from other companies at one place is to download your raw data file from the company at which you tested, go to and create an account, and upload your file there. GEDmatch accepts files from the previously mentioned four companies, as well as LivingDNA and possibly others, so you will see matches from any of those companies, as long as the person was interested in uploading to GEDmatch.

    "Tips for Using GEDmatch" is a good article that explains how to download your file for each company, how to upload to GEDmatch, things you can do there, and more. Make sure you read the information about the recent new owners of GEDmatch, link to GEDmatch's Terms of Service, and the options for allowing law enforcement kits to match your kit.
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      Thnx Katm..
      your info should be highlighted clearly for users of FTDNA on their homepage..
      or at least database should be one and all results read from it...
      any way thnx a lot for ur feed back...