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How long to get results from Y-DNA

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  • How long to get results from Y-DNA

    How long does it normally take to hear results after mailing in a Y-DNA kit?

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    The first unknown is how long it will take for the kit to be received by FTDNA. Since we don't know where you mailed it from there is no way to guesstimate that. The first Monday or Wednesday after it is received it will be batched by FTDNA. Once it has been batched you'll be able to sign into your kit and see an ESTIMATE time before your results are ready assuming you have provided a good sample and there are no lab problems with your test.


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      Thanks. they received the sample, just waiting on results. No estimate yet.


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        The other question that needs to be asked regarding Y-DNA is:
        Do you mean a STR test, or a SNP test?

        STR results usually tend to come back within a month or so of processing starting.

        As for SNP testing.... In some haplogroups, FTDNA is notorious for taking several months(beyond the advertised time frame) for returning results. But people getting results back in the advertised time frame is also not unheard of.


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          Should follow up on this for a moment real quick since I decided to check on it in a project I'm helping admin and can get to some of that information rather than just rely on past experience.

          The oldest outstanding Y700 test kits that project has at the moment with results still pending is actually a several-way tie at just under 2 months old at this time. There are some much older tests outstanding, but FTDNA sent out new sample kits for those people, and evidently never received a new one back.

          But what I'm seeing here could be a fluke due to some other factors in play at this time regarding small sample size. (Number of people involved)