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Father Unknown-G-M201 on Y111 Test, Help Needed

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  • Father Unknown-G-M201 on Y111 Test, Help Needed

    We are new to genealogy testing so looking to the forum for any advice. I just had taken a YDNA 111 test as to try to have a clue as to my parental heritage.
    My father is unknown so I cannot test for any surname projects. I have no matches at any level for YDNA 111 test at all so no clues. All I'm told is that of the G-M201 Haplogroup.
    I'm told that to proceed further it is best to find a project manager or something of that kind for further guidance. I'm a senior so this is bit overwhelming and not sure where to start.
    Does anyone have any advice of where to start? As I said matching surnames is of new I was given stepfathers surname. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    here are some links which will guide you on how to join a project:

    If your father is unknown then you may also want to join the Facebook group - "DNA Detectives" , a group by cece moore
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      Have you done autosomal testing as well?
      Do you have yDNA STR matches in the 37 and 67 level that show they have not tested to 111 (level of testing displayed by their name on matchlist)?

      G-M201 is just a partial haplogroup, an old parent branch of your Full haplogroup label
      It is said to be formed 48500 ybp, TMRCA 25200 ybp

      If you wish to obtain full haplogroup you would ultimately do the complete BigY testing,
      do the SNP pack testing to determine which subclade branch your final subclade branch belongs to (can end up more expensive in long run)

      But my advice would be not to be concerned with yDNA SNP testing to determine haplogroup, as it will not pinpoint an unknown father at this point.

      Autosomal testing will likely give better results by building out trees of close matches to find a potential candidate for your father.

      I also recommend the facebook groups DNA Detectives and Search Squad


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        Originally posted by Trev View Post
        My father is unknown so I cannot test for any surname projects. I have no matches at any level for YDNA 111 test at all so no clues.
        Do you have any matches at Y-DNA37 or Y-DNA67?


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          I have no matches at Y-DNA37 or even YDNA12 which is surprising. I'm not sure how DNA Detectives could help at all. My father was unknown so genealogical records are not helpful
          I thought that would only be helpful in the US where they keep good records on people. I was born in the 40's in South Africa which keeps terrible records. Really thought Y-DNA 111
          would have some results or least filter which matches are paternal side.


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            Did you do FamilyFinder or an equivalent with a different company?


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              If you have done FamilyFinder or an equivalent autosomal test by another company, DNA Detectives Facebook group has volunteer search angels (free) who will help you with matches and try and point you in right direction of finding possible birth father based on building out matches trees