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Morley subclade predictor confusion in understanding results

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  • Morley subclade predictor confusion in understanding results

    Alright so here is prediction from morley:

    And by this my most likely is L1b1 even though i tested negatively for M317, M349 and M274. This should mean that the result by morly is wrong. Also, i tested negatively for L1a(M27, M76, P329 ) and L2 (L595) which only leaves me with L1c (M357) for which i haven't been tested positive or negative, which is common in Pashtuns and Baloch (some say jatt population as well so if someone knows anything on Jatts and which subclade of L they have, that would be great too).

    So my, question is, if we look at the data above, it is logical to conclude that I can only be L1c since i am not tested either positive or negative for it?

    Also, is it possible that I do not even belong to L? My next most probable haplogroups are as follows:

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Is there any reason why you didn't take an Y-DNA 37 test or maybe a 23andMe test?


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      gattaca . I did an autosomal test from Ancestry which was a mistake and i should have taken 23&me one. The above screenshots are from morley with raw data from ancestrydna. I have taken BigY now, but it will take time before the analyze the dna and get back to me. So till then, i just need some information and hence i posted here


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        Ancestry has a large autosomal database, a friendly mobile app and it is very easy to update my tree there. There are some matches that only test at a single vendor and you can't find them anywhere else.

        If it is ydna that you are interested mostly, then you can use the AncestryDNA database to recruit some potential ydna matches.

        Most people that do use Morley, they do it because, for whatever reason, the tester cannot do a Y-DNA test or a 23andMe test.

        I find both AncestryDNA and 23andMe useful for their large autosomal databases and for their friendly android app


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          Morley tool is not very reliable, however it is better than nothing


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            Morley subclade predictor is just that, a predictor. If you are interested in your Y-Haplogroup you should start with what you have finally done. Order Big Y from FTDNA