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In Defense of Small Segments by Jim Bartletts

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  • In Defense of Small Segments by Jim Bartletts

    Although I do not embrace small segments, I could change my mind in the future. I always respect Jim's position and his right to express it.
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    Jim Bartlett has his opinion about small segments.

    I am going to agree with Roberta Estes, small segments are difficult to trust unless you can verify them by phasing.

    "Concepts – Segment Size, Legitimate and False Matches"

    By her data you reach the 99% valid match level at 13 cM. 7 cM is only at a 46% valid match level.

    I have plenty of matches 13 cM and higher that I have yet to determine the relationship.


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      I agree jimbirk, life is too short to spend much of it on little DNA segments when there are easily a thousand matches with segments over 15 cM, most of which are still a complete mystery -- but I have managed to sort a large number of them into robust triangulation groups, and have found the common ancestor for maybe 10 percent of those.