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    I recently received the results of my 25 marker test. It showed me in Haplogroups I. I reviewed the info at the website. It indicated I was of German Origin. Can anyone provide more detail on this or refere me to a web site or book with more information on migration.

    I beleive my ancestory to be of Irish origin.


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    Hey Bob,

    Look at the thread for JohnnyB (Rare DNA) and the library index on Family Tree DNA (for more scientific information). Everything pointed for me as well to being 'ancient Irish', but one test pointed to northwest Germany & Denmark & I'm waiting on the test from FTdna. I can say the typical stereotype of what the Irish look like applies as well in northwest Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and are not that insignificant in numbers in the other parts of Europe so these people must have been around a long time in all of these places (or at least since the population must have exploded in Roman times).

    I can definately say there were plenty of 'Germanic people' that migrated to Ireland, be it via England, Denmark, Norway and so on. The interesting question is, how many of us of supposed Irish background testing as German were actually in Ireland before 400-500 AD or better yet BC? It would point a clear direction for alot of questions regarding ancient Europe and the Germanic invasions that lead to Rome's fall.

    Best Regards,