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  • Chromosome browser and matches

    I am new to the whole DNA matching thing, so be patient. I have two women I match on chromosome 21 in the same place. As one I know is on my maternal side I assumed the other one was as well. But when I checked these two women don't match each other at all on chr 21. I match one and am assuming we have a common ancestor. Am I right in assuming the other woman must be on my paternal side?

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    Chromosome 21 is badly littered with false matches. Since their triangulation failed, you can't assume that either of them is a legitimate match to either side of your DNA.


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      KMF, since khazaria is a renowned expert on all things DNA, I would never tread on his turf.

      But, I am curious, how many cMs and segments do you share with each of these women? Do you share anything on the X (Chromo 23)?
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        Hi Biblioteque,

        Thanks for replying to my query.

        Eileen and Iris are the two women. Iris's grgrgrandmother and my grgrgrandmother were sisters, so she is on my maternal side.

        It's confusing as Gedmatch and FTDNA have different amounts:

        On Gedmatch Iris and I share 55.7cm, 28cm the largest segment. On Gedmatch we don't share an X chromosome match.
        Eileen and I share 48.2cm and the X chr.

        On FTDNA Iris and I share 84cms with 24 cms being the largest and we are an X match.
        Eileen and I share 72 cms with 41 being the largest and we are an X match.

        My brother has tested with FTDNA and Eileen comes up as an X match to him.


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          KMF, Recently a question of a somewhat similar nature was raised; and we were given clarity by "prairielad" who had real life examples to share.
          So hopefully, he will respond.


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            Hello, I'm a descendant of Giecz. 980 years ago in 1039, the ancestor was taken to Bohemia. My group is R1a1a1g. I'm looking for the same sample.