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  • Puzzilla

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this but has anyone ever heard of this site? I accessed it through family search. It was through their family history center portal. I logged in and while it showed my the usual grandparents, it was the great great great grandparents that got me. It showed me 2 names that I had never come across. Names that never pulled up in Ancestry or any place where I have a tree listed. I tried looking up more information on these names and nothing comes up (of course) I went ahead and listed them on my tree in Ancestry and only got one hit for each and that was that they were part of someone else's tree and of course I can't look because I have to pay. Has anyone come across anything like this? Names that attach themselves to your relatives but you can't find any information on them? Obviously there is a connection somewhere otherwise why would they be there unless someone mistakenly added them. Why have they only shown up on Puzzilla and no where else. While on family search I added them to my tree and messaged the person that was doing editing to the profile but I doubt they will respond. I don't even know where to look anymore for information on these 2 names. Thanks in advance for any advice or info that anyone gives

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    I can't contribute anything about Puzzilla, or your particular situation, but you might want to check your public library to see if they provide Ancestry Library edition. If so, it would be free to use. You might search for those names, and see if you can look at the tree there.