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Seeking unknown Grandfather

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  • Seeking unknown Grandfather

    I am a 75 year old Man seeking my Grandfather
    I have no experiance of the DNA side of things.
    Both my Parents are deceased
    My Father was adopted at birth and I only found out after he died.
    I did an Ancestry DNA test then FamilyTreeDNA Y37
    Three names appear at the top of the FTDNA list with a 1 as the genetic distance.
    I am not sure what this means to me. Could one of these be my unknown Grandfather ?
    What would be my next step

    Thanks in advance

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    You could start by transferring your raw data from Ancestry to FTDNA using the 'ADD ON & UPGRADES' link at the top of the page for your current Y-DNA kit. Maybe your Y-DNA matches already have Family Finder results at FTDNA.

    Do your Y-DNA matches have the same or similar surnames? If so do you see this same surname at Ancestry?

    Looking at your Y-DNA matches, under the match name you'll see the test they have at FTDNA. Do any of them have a Y-DNA value greater than Y-DNA37? Do any of them show FF (Family Finder)?


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      Sorry, I should have said that I had uploaded my Ancestry Data

      I am seeing a name 3 times. one at Genetic Distance 3 and 2 at GD 4
      I see another name at GD 1 and 4
      Is it ok to post the actual name on the forum in an instance like this ?

      There ar 11 names at 67 and over
      One particular name is GD 1 and the 111 test
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        Y DNA tests can sometimes give you strong evidence, but not dependably. Many of us don't have any close Y DNA matches at all, or else we end up with a grab bag of surnames, which might happen if our particular branch of the Y haplotree was established well before permanent surnames came into fashion. However, a match at GD 1 for the Y 111 test seems too close to ignore. It is certainly acceptable to post the surnames that are turning up among your matches. By all means, contact that Y 111 match!

        Pay close attention to the autosomal DNA matches as well, and if possible, arrange an autosomal DNA test for any known close relatives, as an aid to working out which of your autosomal matches could potentially be related to your unknown grandfather. Many people who take these tests are trying to solve a puzzle involving missing or adopted family members, so it's entirely possible that someone out there is actually working on the other half of your family story.


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          Thanks for that. I know where to start now.
          This is my list over 37

          GD = Genetic Distance
          Simmons at 111 (GD1)
          Holland at 111 (GD2)
          Hart at 111 (GD2)
          Snow (Yates) at 111 (GD3)
          Sayer at 111 (GD3)
          Bracy at 67 (GD3)
          Hite at 67 (GD3)
          Zmolek at 67 (GD4)
          Simmons at 111 (GD4)
          Harris at 67 (GD4)
          Sayer at 111 (4)

          So will I be right in starting at Simmons ?


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            I did an Ancestry DNA test then FamilyTreeDNA Y37
            Wait: you said you did Y-37 test ( it means: you tested 37 locations on your Y-chromosome)

            If a match has Y-111 written next to him, it means he did Y-111 test. (he tested at 111 locations on his Y-chromosome)

            But, if you only tested 37 markers, you can only compare 37, even if the other man tested 111 markers.
            If you want to compare 111 markers with him, you need to do the same level of testing.

            You can start with Simmons, but matching 36 of 37 markers can be older than the name.


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              OK. Thanks
              I may consider taking the 111 test
              As I said earlier I am a complete novice to this DNA Testing


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                With the current sale you can upgrade from 37 marker to 111 markers for $119. Normal price is $228. Give yourself a Thanksgiving gift! Sale ends Nov. 28. Every person you listed has already tested more than 37 markers, more reason to upgrade.

                Are any of the names you mentioned showing up as autosomal matches at FTDNA or Ancestry?


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                  I have just upgraded to 111. Thanks
                  Do I need to wait for a new kit to arrive or is my existing 37 marker test used again ?

                  I havent started looking through the list yet, as I wanted to be clear on the names to look for.
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                    The update to 111 markers apeared instantly


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                      I may have jumped the gun with my last post.
                      Although it shows my kit as a 111 I am still only seeing searches up to 37
                      Looks like it takes a bit of time to actually update


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                        Originally posted by TamP View Post
                        I have just upgraded to 111. Thanks
                        Do I need to wait for a new kit to arrive or is my existing 37 marker test used again ?

                        I havent started looking through the list yet, as I wanted to be clear on the names to look for.
                        FTDNA will use the sample you already submitted, they store sample up to 25 years.
                        Each upgrade ordered will use original sample until sample is depleted or to degraded to use, in which case they will automatically send out a new collection kit to shipping address on account.

                        ie) I have run yDNA37, upgrade to yDNA111, mtDNA Full sequence, familyfinder and yDNA SNP test all on original sample submitted


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                          Thanks for that