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    Originally posted by cacio
    Efgen: by the way, I've heard this repeated many times that FTDNA tests for specific locations outside HVR to determine haplogroups, but I have seen too many recent mis-assignments for this to be true. May be they do this for European haplogroups like H or T, but not in general.
    Cacio, FTDNA's own documentation very clearly states that they run a panel of 20 SNPs on EVERY sample:

    9. Are the mtDNA haplogroups predicted or confirmed?

    When we first started in 2000, haplogroup predictions were not provided; just the mutations. However, it was not very user friendly for individuals to look up the comparison data available on the web so we began providing predictions by comparison.

    In 2005 we began running haplogroup tests on every sample. The haplogroup test is now part of every mtDNA test we run. Currently we run a panel of 20 different SNP's on every mtDNA sample to attain the precise haplogroup of every mtDNA test we perform. We are confident that this is above or far above what anyone else offers when testing mtDNA worldwide.


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      Thank you Cacio. I appreciate you took the time to answer to all my questions.