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My dads results and I show no match? what does this mean

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  • My dads results and I show no match? what does this mean

    So I've done a One-to-one Autosomal Comparison on gedmatch between my dad (A015695) and myself (A487395) and it shows we have No shared DNA segments found.
    Being my father I would expect to see something in the 3000-3500cM range.

    Is this telling me my dad isn't my dad or is it just that I share none of the matching DNA and have perhaps got more of my mums?

    If I use our same kit numbers and run a People who match both, or 1 of 2 kits, we share some similar ancestors as far back as 4 generations

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    Are you both tested with Ancestry?
    If so does Ancestry show you as a match at their site?

    We have two of each chromosome, 46 single chromosomes, 23 pairs
    We inherit 50% of father and 50% of mother, exactly.
    You will match each parent along the entire length of each chromosome
    You can not inherit more of one parent then the other.

    If you do not match your dad along the entire length of each chromosome (roughly 3400cM in total), then sorry to say, he is not your biological father.


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      If you're matching at AncestryDNA (or wherever you tested, but it looks like you both tested at AncestryDNA) at expected amounts then obviously there's just a problem with Gedmatch - I'd either query it with them or delete the kits and re-upload them. If you do not match at AncestryDNA either, then I'm sorry but he is definitely not your biological father (you don't need Gedmatch to tell you that - not matching at AncestryDNA is already conclusive).


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        My daughter and I both tested at 23andMe. Our raw data was uploaded to GEDmatch. Using the one-to-one compare we match on 3,556.7 cMs.


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          There is the slightest possibility that 2 DNA kits were switched. Just to make sure, I'd order two new kits from a different company. FTDNA is good, but you should buy a new kit for each of you. Don't use uploads from Ancestry. It's highly unlikely that there was an error, but if you can't question your mother or don't want to, it might be a good thing to do.


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            Sorry for the long delay replying, I don't seem to get notifications of updates here...

            Both tests were done via and we do not Show a match, I was expecting to see a 3000+cM match similar to that of my step daughter and her grandmother.
            The odd thing, is my dad and I share some similar ancestors in our matches going back 5+ generations, so I wonder if its possible my mum conceived me from someone related to my dad.

            So based on the results here, I think its pretty conclusive my dad may not be my dad. My sister has just submitted her DNA to so it will be interesting to see if we are half siblings or it shows us as full


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              Here are a few questions that may help in beginning to figure out things:

              Are you able to see the results from both yours and your father's tests at Ancestry? Do you know some of your family history or have a tree? Do either of you have matches which seem to correlate with the tree, or known family history?
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                If you do not have a tree, this is an oportune time to start one at that "other" company , since you have tested there. If you do not want to spend the $s for a subscription, just take out one for a month for $19.95. That should get you started.


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                  Hi, I have the same problem. I took the test with my aunt (my father's sister) and my cousin. While I used Ftdna's test, they used My heritage's ones. Neither my aunt nor my cousin appear among my relatives, but we have remote relatives in common. Besides, on the basis of the test, my cousin results to be my aunt's nice, as we already knew. Does it mean that my father (who died years ago) is not really my father?


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                    mor, my aunt (my father's sister) and I share 1652 cMs. My aunt and I each tested at FTDNA.


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                      To add to Biblioteque 25th July 2019, 09:06 AM
             is a free way to do your family tree, as well as various archives, family history groups etc. Once you know your tree, then a short term subscription to the Ancestry is all that's needed to just transfer your tree and link the records your already know about.