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Does brother need mtDNA to show as full sibling?

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  • Does brother need mtDNA to show as full sibling?

    My brother did the Y67 test. I did the mtDNA test (am female). We both did Family Finder, as well. He shows as a half-sibling with approximately 1400 shared centimorgans.

    Could the lack of the mtDNA test for him be the reason for our half-sibling match?

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    No. An autosomal test (Family Finder) is enough evidence to show the level of relationship, as you have seen. Having mtDNA results for him is not required.

    Furthermore, if you have any matches with close known relatives (say second cousin or closer) from either your maternal or paternal side, and your brother does not match them, that would give further evidence that you and he do not have the same parent on that side.


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      Thank you. Am circling around the obvious answer, I guess. There is a lot of adoption on both sides of my extended family and none of my cousins are genetically related to us. So we have many mysteries to unravel.


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        Are one of your parents available to test? Or one of their siblings? If any of those were not adopted, but do not want to test, you could also see if any living great-grandparent (or sibling of one - great aunt or great uncle) would agree to do a test.

        Having a known relative on either side who has tested can help with filtering your matches. You will need to create a tree in your account (or upload a GEDCOM), and link any known relatives in your match list to their place within your tree, in order to use it. See these topics in the FTDNA Learning Center:
        Family Finder - Family Matching Tool
        Family Finder - Family Matching System

        Roberta Estes has two articles which explain the Family Matching System and which relatives can be used with it:
        Family Tree DNA Introduces Phased Family Finder Matches
        Additional Relatives Added to Phased Family Matches at Family Tree DNA