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  • Help me with this match

    I've been doing this for quite awhile but recently I've run across a couple matches which I am unable to wrap my mind around. My daughter has an account on here as does her daughter, my granddaughter. Today and another time recently I have had a new match who matches my granddaughter but doesn't match my daughter. This would seem to me that I must match my granddaughter's relatives from her other grandparent's side of the family. What am I missing?

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    Depends on the strength of the match. If it is a single small segment, say, less than 15 cM, it may very well be just noise, or else a segment that is fairly common or popular in the general population (maybe one of those fabled "pile-up regions"). Otherwise, it is certainly possible that there is some distant connection. Remember that people here have found occasional very distant cousins. For me, up to about 5th cousins, but there have been reports of cousins detected through a matching segment that appear to be even farther back. Before we get too excited about that, however, such matches are going to be very rare, and it is usually extremely difficult to prove that a matching segment comes from that far back, and not from some other part of your pedigree that isn't as well documented. One step at a time, and avoid jumping to conclusions!


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      Okay, I just got another match which matches my granddaughter but not her mother (my daughter). How can this be? I know there are matches I have that match my daughter but don't match my granddaughter simply because that DNA didn't filter down to her. It seems to me that I must match some ancestors of my granddaughter on her paternal side.


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        I would say it is quite possible that you are right about possibly matching some ancestors of your granddaughter on her paternal side.