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    Hello, Everyone,

    I have taken tests at 3 different sites and my results from each are different. One says I am R-M269, another R-S264, and another R-S497. What are the differences?


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    R-S264 (also known as Z156) is a subclade of R-M269, and R-S497 is a subclade of R-S264. You can see the latter at YFull's tree for R-S264. As you have listed them in your post, they are in increasing order from oldest to most recent. Where did you test? 23andMe and LivingDNA give haplogroups, and FTDNA tests separately for haplogroups.


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      FamilyTreeDNA: M269

      Geno2.0: S264

      LivingDNA: S497


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        FTDNA's STR predictions are overly conservative and are more "basic" than what the STR data is capable of supporting with reasonable accuracy.

        The other tests are likely sampling certain YDNA SNPs and giving you a haplogroup result based on that SNP. SNP result designations are generally preferred over STRs, as STR results can be misleading. (Or they're being less conservative in their use of STR predictions)


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          Are you in any Y-DNA projects at FTDNA? If you are interested in further refining your Y-DNA haplogroup, they could give you advice. Since LivingDNA has given you the furthest SNP down the tree (R-S497) of the three places, a project administrator could advise if you should do a particular SNP pack to further narrow down your SNP. Or, you could save up for a sale to do the Big Y-700, and be done with it.