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Parcel dimensions and weight

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  • Parcel dimensions and weight

    Good day folks,

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section, however i need to know some information about the parcel i am about to receive. I've bought the Family Finder test.
    The dimensions of the parcel and weight considering it will contain saliva.

    I am needing this to establish how much i will pay my postal provider to send it off.

    I would appreciate any assistance.

    Thank you in advance
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    Nowadays, FTDNA includes shipping in the purchase price, for domestic orders. On FTDNA's home page, if you scroll down to "How It Works," it says
    Mail your kit back in the prepaid package we provide. International orders do not include return shipping.
    Domestic shipping & handling is $12.95, according to "Shipping DNA Tests World Wide," in the FTDNA Learning Center. That charge should be added to the purchase price when you place your order, domestically. I haven't ordered a new kit recently, but I believe FTDNA is now sending kits to customers in a box. The return method is apparently still an envelope included in that box (the "prepaid package" mentioned above).

    If you are ordering from another country, the page about shipping world wide says
    Due to the wide range of international postage costs, international shipments do not include return postage.
    If there are no instructions about shipping internationally included with your package, it would be best to submit a Customer Support request, using the link at the top right of these pages. Select "Shipping Questions or Kit Not Delivered" from the menu, and ask about what to do. You could also phone support (number listed on the same page), keeping in mind the business hours listed.

    It depends on from which country you are mailing your kit, as to how to mail it back (whether calling it a parcel, package or other, and how to describe the contents). Perhaps someone else who has mailed a kit back from outside the U.S. will add a comment to help.
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      If it is the same as it has been - it is a small-ish padded envelope or pouch - maybe 5" by 7" - and definitely not very heavy.
      Also - in case you were not aware -- FTDNA uses rub the inside of the cheek with enclosed swab, insert in provided very small vial (two of each) - no spit collection.


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        Thank you all! Appreciate your responses.