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Mathematical Probabilities of Segments

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  • Mathematical Probabilities of Segments

    An older, but great, post from Steve Mount, Geneticist, University of Maryland. And, please note his stats on recombination.

    BTW, I had a 3rd Cousin tree match this morning with only 8.8 cMs. Bettinger's tool suggests only a 6.6% chance of this.
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    The analysis is still relevant, because the assumptions involved describe the probabilities of random recombination and assortment of homologous chromosomes. However, the literature of classical genetics are full of examples where additional factors interfere with these expectations: inversions and other rearrangements, genetically-controlled differences in the rate or location of recombination, and even the mysterious "meiotic drive" (tendency of particular segments to end up in the gamete). These additional sources of variation, if present, make the outcome of meiosis even less predictable, and thus expand the range of possible outcomes.


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      John, I hoped you would comment. Thank You!
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