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DNA profiles after death

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  • DNA profiles after death

    Hi, I'm sorry if the answer is really obvious on the FTDNA site somewhere, but I have looked everywhere ... my father passed away recently and I am wondering what to do about his DNA profile (Y and FF). I have always administered it and any messages for him come to my email address but I am hoping there is some way that I can keep the account going but make it clear that the message would now be coming to me? I don't want to close his account completely but at the same time can't face receiving mail addressed to him and having to explain every time. TIA for any advice.

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    You can add a statement in his account profile, to indicate you are managing the account and that your father has passed away. That is what I have done with those accounts that I manage when the person has died. You may also want to make sure the beneficiary information in his account has you as contact, or whoever else is appropriate.