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Clan Ursula...with a twist ?

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  • Clan Ursula...with a twist ?

    My mtDNA results came back as U5a1a, with the following markers :
    HVR1 : 256T, 270T, 399G, 519C
    HVR2 : 073G, 189G, 263G, 315.1C

    After some thought and study, this is where I am at the moment :

    1. Haplogroup U5a1a has a percentage frequency (according to Brian Hamman) of 2.0 in Finland, 1.2 in Norway and 2.3 in Scotland. That seems strange, seeing that Norway (lowest) is geographically centered, midway between Finland and Scotland ?

    2. All is fine and dandy in HVR1. The result is pretty typical both with and without the volatile 519C marker (which is not all that common in U5a1a), and there are 47 matches from -1 to +1. In HVR2, however, no matches have the A189G transition. Looking through countless databases and project pages, so far, I've found none in U and only scattered instances of this marker (1 or 2 instances in HGs B, H, I, J, K, T2 and L1), except for HAPLOGROUP W, where it is very frequent. How did it come to be in my U5a1a sequence...could it be a somatic mutation ? Perhaps I have to test offspring to answer that one...

    3. All this has opened my eyes to the significance of mtDNA to issues of health, longevity and aging. A Pandora's box for sure ! I just read a very interesting paper on certain HGs and mtDNA markers in connection with Parkinsons Disease and Alzheimers. Another paper starred...yes, you guessed it...the A189G transition.

    Well, that's about it, for now...any thoughts and comments ?


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    We are all - U5a1a exact matches in our family

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    Are we ancient Nords or Brits? Or are we ancient North Germanic Danish-Germans [Anglo-Saxons] or Lombardic...? Some how we made it to Sicily. Maybe through the Normans...

    U5a1a - 157C,192T,256T,270T,320T,399G


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      Re Clan Ursula

      I'm Clan Ursula too, only U5B2. I don't seem to be closely related to anybody.

      I notice, in the Saami & Berber paper, there is one U5a1a (if I remember right) from southern Russia(Adygei) and one from Italy. Those seem to be the only U5a1a's shown on their tree diagram.

      The Sardinian paper has a U1a on their chart, but it doesn't look close to yours.

      It all seems to go back to the last Ice Age refugia.