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Have I been matched with a half sibling?

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  • Have I been matched with a half sibling?

    May I ask if someone would please explain what my test results mean and what steps I should take next, such as more extensive testing etc. I know nothing about dna testing and was gifted the ancestry test because I had interest in my ancestors from Scotland. The ancestry results showed a close family match. I have uploaded my DNA from ancestry onto gedmatch as well as Ftdna and all three have shown the same person as a match. He is my closest match second only to my mother. He was adopted at birth and has no knowledge of his birth parents. I am 45 and he is 41. We live within an hour of one another. We have several matches on my fathers side. None on my mothers.
    I have been an only child for 45 years.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you are able to offer.


    Relationship Range: Full Brother, Half Brother, Grandfather/ Grandson, Uncle/ Nephew

    Shared Centimorgans(cM): 2,021

    Longest Block(cM): 179

    X-Match: X-Match


    One to one comparison

    Largest segment = 97.7 cM

    Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 2067.6 cM (57.651 Pct)

    Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 1.4

    52 shared segments found for this comparison.

    513193 SNPs used for this comparison.

    60.789 Pct SNPs are full identical


    2020 cMs

    58 DNA segments

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    Based on your data and lack of DNA sharing with your mother a half sibling from your father is the consistent conclusion.

    See the Shared DNA project for more information on DNA relationship ranges.

    If your parents are still living you may want to get counseling advice before talking to them about this new family member information.


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      Thank you. My parents divorced before I was born and my dad passed in 2014. My mom and I are both thrilled to find that I possibly have a sibling. Finally.
      Thank you for the link. Extremely informative.


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        It seems very likely that you have the same father. If he is willing to take another test, I'd suggest Y-DNA with at least 37 markers.