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  • "previously marked as a known relationship"

    When I bring up my ftdna family tree, I get a notice that one person was "previously marked as a known relationship" -- I don't see where I ever did that, or how I might undo this. The only thing I did was send an email to this person, to which I never got a response. (I have done that with lots of matches, and they don't appear on this list, so I don't think that's a factor.) I do not know the relationship since this person doesn't have a tree I can check. Can anyone tell me where to unmark this person as a known relationship? Thanks. Stokesy

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    In your tree, find the person and click on him / her, then "View Profile".
    From there you can select "Unlink:.


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      Gecko, I don't think that stokesy48 has the person in his tree at all - the relationship is not known. I, too, would like to know the answer to the question about removing a person from the "known relationship" list. There does not seem to be any guidance on how to do it in the Learning Center.


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        I've had one of these since April. I opened a request about it in May, and this is the reply I received: "Unfortunately, I am just as mystified as you are by how this person ended up in your tree. I can see that you haven't linked her to any kind of Relationship. My best guess from what I see is this: she may have emailed you to request being linked somehow, and the system may be throwing you that notification as a result of that. I think your best shot is to email her back and tell her that you don't have a way to link with her. She may be able to cancel the request on her end. I hope this works; I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful."

        I emailed the person and have never had a reply. I should probably open another request about it ... maybe each of us could, and maybe then it might be treated as more than just "our" problem?

        And happy New Year, everyone