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Lazarus files on myftdna?

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  • Lazarus files on myftdna?

    Can you upload lazarus files to myftdna? I have created lazarus files for my mother and maternal grandparents and it would be a big help if I could upload them to myftdna. I have kits uploaded for 3 maternal aunts but due to the few matches I've been able to make on here they all show only 23 matches in the paternal tab and none at all in the maternal tab.

    For my own kit I have 442 matches in the maternal tab but only 9 in the paternal one. If I could create a lazarus kit for my father then it could be a big help with at least finding out which side of the family to search for matches.

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    The "Lazarus" tool on is intended to reconstruct some part of the genome of an ancestor, based on shared segments found among the ancestor's descendants. But the "file" generated on GEDmatch does not seem to be available for download, and in most cases it will be seriously incomplete. Unless there is another site that has this tool and that packages the results into a downloadable file, I don't think there is a way to attempt this.