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  • May I request advice please...?


    Could someone with much more experience of DNA matching please offer some advice? I am trying to find my unknown BRA***** Grandfather born 1856. After many years of searching I THINK I have my first tentative clue as follows -

    The only BRA***** surname match I have so far is a female born BRA***** in 1884. I have found no other link to this match bar her.

    This BRA***** born 1884 is my (female) matches's Grandmother. I match her at 30 Cm over 3 segments. I will call her my match 'A'

    I also have two other stronger matches (Both female) but no known BRA***** surname match for either one.

    My match 'B' at 398 Cm over 26 segments and my match 'C' at 253 CM over 13 segments.

    My match 'B' was adopted at Birth and does not know her Father. Her birth was registered in FULHAM in London.

    My match 'C' has unfortunately not responded to my emails but I have found her birth in HAMMERSMITH in London.
    HAMMERSMITH is the ajoining area to FULHAM in London.

    My match 'C' was born 6 years later than Match 'A'. Neither of them have surnames relating to any of my known family.

    My match 'A' shows only two 'shared matches' with me. They are Match 'B' and Match 'C'

    My Match 'B'' shows many more shared matches with me but her two closest are Match 'A' and Match 'C'

    My Match 'C' shows many more shared matches with me. Match 'B' is the top match with Match 'A' incuded but more distant.

    At the time of the births of both Match 'B' and Match 'C' my only two male cousins on my Father's side were resident in FULHAM. They were young men at the time and of an age to have fathered Match 'B' and 'C'

    My question is given all the available evidence, is it strong enough to confirm a link between myself and female BRA***** born 1884 ?

    Thanking you in anticipation....
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    Little bump as 48 views but no reply.....


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      Where did you test?


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        HI Fern, Tested at Ancestry DNA. I have uploaded my DNA to GEDmatch and Familytreedna but unfortunately none of my mentioned Ancestry matches have done so. I have just had an email from Match 'B' telling me she matches to Match 'A' at 46 Cm and also to Match 'C' at 112 Cm. Just need a little hand holding as I feel I am close to solving a nearly 100 year old mystery of just who my Grandparents were....


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          Correction to initial post. Should read My match 'C' was born 6 years later than Match 'B'.


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            Hi Falconer ... that's great news from B. It's a pity about you all being on Ancestry, though. As you probably know, having access to a chromosome browser would allow you to see whether you and B share segment(s) on the same chromosome(s).

            Have you asked B whether she's willing to upload to Gedmatch? Or could both of you upload to MyHeritage, which shows triangulation? (Uploads to MH before 1 Dec get free use of its chr browser; uploads after that will have to pay a fee to use the chr browser.)

            Another thought ... there's a tool called "What are the Odds" (WATO). It lets you enter your matches' matching segments and then set up several hypotheses about "you" in relation to them. The tool looks a bit like a pedigree, except in reverse - you're at the right and the MRCA couple is at the left. The tool is at dnapainter and you'd need to register with dnapainter first; I think it's still free to join. The WATO tool itself is the second on this page: There are instructions - click on the button at the top right (in the dark blue space).
            WATO works best with matches >40cm, which is what you seem to have. And the more hypotheses you enter, the better ... even one or two unlikely hypotheses will help, as the tool works on probabilities for the various hypotheses.
            If you're on facebook, there's a user group for WATO. It's a closed group, and you have have to request to join it:
            Hope some of this helps


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              Hi Fern....Many many thanks. Just the sort of advice I needed, Believe it or not I read your post immediately after emailing Match B about Gedmatch.........Great minds huh !