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  • 25 marker match different surname

    On my 12 marker y-result I matched up with 26 others including two of the same surname known to be related. In order to narrow things down, I had a 25 marker upgrade done. To my surprise I still had an exact match with no less than 4 others, all McTiernans and also 3- 1 step mutations on 25 markers also with McTiernans. Both surname groups are R1b. Interestingly the geographic origin of the group that matched are also originate from the same region in Ireland and both surnames are of Gaelic origin. Surnames started in Ireland circa 950 AD. Would this indicate a common ancestor prior to established surnames or is it possible that in this most common R1b group that we simply landed on the same numbers? Also they only have a match of 4 within their surname study. Would I be more closely related on a exact match than a subject with 1 and 2 mutations with same surname. Just curious?