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  • Newbie help please

    I am not even sure if I am in the right spot to ask these questions so bear with me, please?

    1. How can I get another surname added to the project search list?

    Reason---we have proven (documented) decendants who changed the spelling of their surname and we want them to find us if they do a surname search at FTDNA.

    2. How do we enter the dna results on the website?

    Reason---every time we try to enter the numbers a message comes up saying the format has changed and if we try to scroll to the number we need, it isn't there. What are we doing wrong?

    Thank you for your patience and time--

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    i think on the above you meant the site:


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      If you are the Group Administrator for your surname project, you can add the surname to your list on the GAP pages. If not, contact your Group Administrator and he/she can do that. You might also want to post the addition on rootsweb to pick up some additional people.


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        Thank you both for your suggestions. I finally figured out how to manage the search and I believe I succesfully added the surnames!

        Thanks for all your help!